Summer Fires Info

Summer fires THIS WEEK!!

Tuesday, August 18th @ 6:30 - 8:00 PM

**Brian's & Steph's group will not be meeting this week**

Liz', Chris' & Grady's groups will meet at the Schonberg's.

Email us for addresses:


Important Information Below


**required for every student attending a fire**

Click here to view and fill out the consent form



A.    In phase 1 fires will be limited to small groups, in some cases combined small groups with no more than 25 people.

B.    Masks must be worn by all participants. (When 6ft social distancing is not maintained)

C.    All participants will have their temperature taken upon arrival. If they show any cold/flu symptoms they are to go home.

D.    Parental consent must be given to participate for the summer if a student is under 18. Click the link above to view and fill out the Consent Form.

E.    There will be at least one hand sanitizing station available.

F.    Students must be permitted inside to use the bathroom.
In the bathroom: 1 - Single use hand drying supplies must be used.
2- A garbage can is to be placed outside of the bathroom door so participants can exit the bathroom using paper towels to avoid directly touching door handles. 

G.   To provide the safest distance between participants there may be more than one fire. 

H.    We will keep a list of everyone who attends